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  • Flights Between Fogo Island and Gander at Standstill

    The Fogo Island Transportation Committee says flights between the island and Gander are at a standstill.

    EVAS Air in Gander launched the scheduled flights in May to allow more travel options for tourism opportunities, emergency doctor appointments and so on.

    The Citizens Rep with the Transportation Committee, Eugene Nippard, says just as they were gearing up to offer seat sales and packages, Transport Canada called to say the Fogo Island airstrip was not certified.

    Nippard says Transport Canada is ready to do the inspection, but the province must give the go-ahead. He says nothing is happening.

    He says they have one of the better airstrips in the province.

    Nippard says in his opinion, the government doesn’t want to spend any money and doesn’t think there is any public support for the initiative. But Nippard argues the support is there.

    They have planned a meeting for next Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Fogo Island Stadium to discuss the issue.

    He says tourism is huge, and with flights, they could offer flights right from London for example, to Fogo Island.

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