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  • Flu Shot Availability Claims Misleading: NLMA

    Doctors say the provincial government is misleading the public by simply claiming that flu shots are available from primary care physicians.

    Government announced this week that flu shots would be available starting October 23 through both public clinics and family doctors. However, the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association says the information is misleading.

    The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association is speaking out against a news release by the Department of Health and Community Services about accessibility to flu shots.

    Dr. Lynn Dwyer, the president of the association, says the statement suggests flu shots would be available at no charge by family physicians. That is not the case.

    She’s in Corner Brook touring the province, and the feedback the group is getting from family doctors is that some will not be giving flu shots to their patients.

    She says the vaccine is free if a person attends a public health flu shot clinic, or if their doctor offers it to them during a routine appointment. However, if a patient visits their doctor for the sole purpose of getting a flu shot they would have to pay for it, because it is no longer covered under MCP.

    Dwyer recommends calling your doctor’s office to find out if the flu shot is going to be available for all patients.

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