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  • Former Liberal Premier Accuses Danny Williams of Bullying

    (Photo of Roger Grimes [Left] courtesy C-NLOPB.)

    Former Liberal premier Roger Grimes is accusing former Tory premier Danny Williams of bullying.

    Grimes was responding to Williams’ demand for an apology for comments Ron Penney recently made in a television interview regarding Williams’ perceived power and influence in the time leading up to the sanction of Muskrat Falls.

    Penney suggested that people were afraid to speak out at the time. Penney was quoted as saying that “there was…a lot of concern that if people spoke out, that they would somehow be harmed or their family would be harmed.”

    Williams claims the comments are defamatory and has demanded an apology or he will take further legal action.

    Grimes meanwhile, threw his support behind Penney on VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly.

    Grimes says he couldn’t find any fault with anything Penney said. He suggested that Danny Williams was all-powerful and very popular at the time, and if you didn’t agree with him, you or your family would suffer in some way.

    Grimes says trying to get people to “back off” is bullying in his opinion.

    The deadline for an apology from Ron Penney was set for today, but Penney has requested an extension as he changes lawyers.

    Williams is not offering any comment on Grimes’ comments on Open Line this morning.

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