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  • Four Seals from Roddickton-Bide Arm Relocated

    Fishery Officers have relocated four of those seals from Roddickton-Bide Arm as the town continues to deal with an influx of the animals.

    The Northern Peninsula community became the focus of national attention after dozens of harp seals gathered in the town.

    DFO says Fishery Officers observed 11 seals remaining in the area and report they are in excellent condition. However, they relocated two of the animals yesterday after finding them roaming near homes in the town.

    Fishery Officers will be back today, working with town officials to address the remaining seals.

    DFO says it’s not uncommon to see seals on or near beaches this time of year, but caution people to avoid contact with animals as their behaviour may be unpredictable.

    It’s illegal to disturb a marine mammal, and DFO says it could result in injury or death for the animal.

    A seal may wave its flippers as a warning if approached, it may become aggressive and bite anyone who wanders too close, it may lock up or freeze, or the seal may try to leave the area.

    Anyone who sees a seal being disturbed is asked to contact their local DFO office or Crime Stoppers.

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