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  • Frank Butt to be Reinstated as Mayor of Carbonear

    Former Carbonear Mayor Frank Butt is being reinstated to his position after town council voted to remove him late last year.

    In a statement released Thursday, the town says it received the decision by Justice Robert Stack concerning an appeal of allegations against Frank Butt.

    The previous town council received a letter alleging Butt had made a motion to demolish a building on property adjacent to his own. The letter raised concerns that Butt’s property value stood to increase if the building were demolished.

    At the final council meeting for the year in December, the information about the potential conflict of interest was discussed, and the council voted unanimously to remove Butt from his role as mayor.

    At the time, Deputy Mayor Chris O’Grady says the town’s lawyer indicated that there was potential for monetary gain, therefore Butt was in a conflict of interest. According to legislation, the town council would have to declare Butt’s seat vacant.

    In March, Frank Butt appealed the decision in Supreme Court.

    Today, the town received a decision by Justice Robert Stack, finding that Butt was ultimately not in a conflict of interest.

    The Town of Carbonear says it is relieved that the process is over, and arrangements are being made to have Frank Butt reinstated as mayor.

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