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  • Night Crossings for Gulf Ferries Cancelled in Advance of High Winds, Rain

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    Don’t be surprised to see some power outages tomorrow as much of the island gets a dose of ice from the sky.

    Freezing rain is on the way for everyone except the Northern Peninsula. It starts tonight in the southwest and spreads across the island to metro by dawn. It will turn to rain but not before a few hours of ice which could affect the morning commute.

    PAL Airlines and Aerospace meteorologist Brian Walsh says winds are going to pick up to 70 km/h in metro and other parts which could make things even more challenging for electrical utilities.

    Environment Canada says winds will be well over 100 km/h in the Wreckhouse and exposed areas of the west coast.

    There will be no night crossings of the Gulf ferries tonight because of high winds in the Cabot Strait. It’s expected that tomorrow’s lunchtime crossings will proceed as scheduled.

    Meanwhile, Labrador West is in for a spring snowfall with about 25 cm through to this time tomorrow. The bulk of the snow will fall tonight, about 15 cm.

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