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  • Friend Describes Dunphy as Proud, Tormented

    A man who said he was Don Dunphy’s best friend testified on Wednesday at the inquiry into Dunphy’s shooting death.

    Colin Dinn, who is also an injured worker, used a cane to walk to the witness stand. When asked to describe Mr. Dunphy, he said he was a “proud man.” But Dinn went on to say that because of problems with Workers Compensation, Dunphy was “tormented” that he didn’t have money to provide for his family and himself.

    Dunphy’s battles with what is now known as the Workplace, Health and Safety Compensation Commission is well documented. Dinn told the inquiry that Dunphy would talk about his problems with the Commission, but that he never became violent about it.

    Dinn admitted that he and Dunphy would smoke weed together, but denied ever trading the powerful painkiller OxyContin for marijuana. Dunphy had a license to grow and possess a limited quantity of medical marijuana and Dinn took oxy to control pain from his injury.

    When asked if he thought Don Dunphy was mentally ill, Dinn replied “no.” He said if Dunphy was mentally ill, so are half of the people in the area where they live.

    Dunphy was shot and killed by a member of former Premier Paul Davis’ security detail on April 5, 2015. Cst. Joe Smyth says he fired the shots when Dunphy pointed a 22 caliber rifle at him.

    Dinn concluded his testimony by saying he didn’t think Dunphy was physically able to quickly pull a gun on anyone.

    The inquiry has adjourned until Monday at which time Joe Smyth is scheduled to testify for three days.

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