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  • Friends of Murder Victim Testify at Trial

    Dale Porter's home in North River

    Friends who were drinking with 39-year-old Dale Porter on the night he was stabbed testified at the murder trial of Al Potter today. Potter is facing one count of first degree murder in Porter’s death.

    This morning the jury heard from three men in their 20s who say they were drinking beer with Dale Porter at his house in North River on June 28, 2014.

    All three men testified they then got a cab to a bar in Bay Roberts, along with Porter. Sometime after the bar closed and patrons left, 39-year-old Dale Porter was found stabbed in his driveway.

    All three men who testified today say they were friends or “buddies” with the deceased. While they admit drinking with him that night, none of them could say when Porter left the bar, or who he was with.

    The trio said they left the bar together in a cab with others. They say they made a stop in Spaniard’s Bay, and then were dropped off back at Porter’s home in North River.

    One of the men testified he noticed a sneaker in the driveway. He told the court, “then everyone started screaming and bawling they had found him.”

    The scene outside Dale Porter’s house in North River

    He described Porter as lying on the ground, turned inward towards a flower box. He says they turned him outward to check on their friend, who was still breathing, and called for police and paramedics.

    Dale Porter passed away from his injuries in hospital.

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