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  • Meghan Dunphy Speaks of Her Father on Day One of Inquiry

    Meghan Dunphy says the day her father died had been an ordinary Easter Sunday.

    Dunphy broke her silence today as she took the witness stand on the first day of testimony at the Inquiry into the shooting death of her father, Donald Dunphy.

    The elder Dunphy was shot and killed inside his Mitchell’s Brook home on April 5, 2015, by RNC Constable Joe Smyth, a member of then premier-Paul Davis’ security detail.

    She says her father joined her and her boyfriend Billy Corcoran for brunch at the Woodstock in Paradise.

    She says they all went back to Mitchell’s Brook afterward, and her father went back to his own home. It was later that day that she noticed police activity in the community, never realizing that her father had been shot.

    She says it wasn’t until the funeral director got her father’s body that she learned he had been shot in the head.

    She says the funeral director told her she couldn’t see the body because of where he had been shot, and that the bullets had to be recovered.

    Dunphy also questioned why her father’s smashed prescription glasses, which she found on a table, were not seized by police during the investigation, and why a bullet she found inside the house, wasn’t considered to be of evidentiary value.

    Dunphy broke down several times as she described her father who did his best in raising her on his own after her mother passed away when she was only three years old.

    Dunphy did admit that her father, who suffered a devastating workplace injury in 1984 when he was crushed between two pieces of equipment, could be very vocal about things he didn’t like.

    Dunphy says despite his injury, her father tried his best for her. She says he suffered severe stomach and bowel problems as a result of his injury and took medical marijuana for his symptoms.

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