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  • Gambin-Walsh Responds to Joyce Complaint

    The Minister of Service NL says highway enforcement officers have a legal obligation to address errors once made aware of them, but she does not condone the process that was taken when it came to the MHA for Humber-Bay of Islands, Eddie Joyce.

    Joyce wrote Premier Dwight Ball this week about what he calls “serious and unsettling action” taken by Service NL. He says highway enforcement officers were knocking on people’s doors, including his own, with new license plates and fees. He says that’s against protocol.

    Sherry Gambin-Walsh says, normally, enforcement officers would notify before going to someone’s door. She says the issue is being addressed with staff.

    She says a letter should be sent first before addressing the error. It is unfortunate what happened and she does not condone the action, but staff did follow their obligations to correct an error when they found out about it.

    Joyce believes Gambin-Walsh was aware of the actions highway enforcement officers were taking. He believes Sherry Gambin-Walsh was allowing this action to happen, but he will not put up with that.

    Gambin-Walsh says highway enforcement officers don’t come to her every time they give out a ticket.

    (he says they were doing their jobs, but she would never encourage staff to do what they did.

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