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  • Government Encourages Safe Firearm Use

    The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources is encouraging safe firearm use this hunting season.

    Big game moose hunting season officially opens today on the eastern portion of the island. The hunt has been underway since September in Labrador and on the west coast.

    Each year, the department responds to a number of complaints, and find many people engaging in the unsafe handling of a firearm. Just last year, enforcement officers reported 244 firearm-related violations throughout the province and have dealt with over 40 offences to date in 2017. Common offences include having a loaded gun in a vehicle, shooting from a roadway, near dwellings, or a school or playground, and hunting within commercial logging operations.

    The department is reminding hunters to familiarize themselves with the current firearm regulations in the province and follow basic safety rules. They suggest to treat every firearm as though it were loaded. Unload any gun not in use. Never climb a tree or fence with a loaded firearm. Only point a firearm at the intended target. Store ammunition separately. And avoid alcohol and drugs when hunting.

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