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  • Government Reaches $750,000 Settlement with Former Mount Cashel Resident

    The provincial government has reached a $750,000 dollar settlement with a former resident of Mount Cashel orphanage for alleged abuse suffered when he was a child.

    Lawyer Will Hiscock of Budden and Associates says while those type of cases are normally settled quietly, because it involves public money, the matter was listed in government Orders in Council.

    Hiscock says his client was a small child when he first went to police in 1975 to outline the abuse he’d suffered. The information from the subsequent police investigation then helped to form the basis of the Hughes Inquiry.

    Hiscock says part of their argument was that government ought to have known about the abuse and acted on that information.

    Hiscock says the settlement comes after six long years. Something he says he and his client fully expected. He says government did its due diligence and really put them through their paces.

    Hiscock says his client has struggled his whole life and will never get over the abuse he suffered as a child, but they are satisfied with the settlement and the fact that his client won’t have to go through a trial.

    18 similar cases remain outstanding.

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