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  • Government to Change School Act After Stephenville High Protests

    The province’s Education Minister, Dale Kirby, says even he was surprised with what he found when he began examining the legislation which governs schools and the school District in the province in relation to violence and limitation of authority.

    The provincial government promises to have proposals on changes to the Schools Act in time for the upcoming sitting of the House of Assembly, after the uncomfortable a situation in Stephenville this month.

    Students could have been forced to be in the same class as another student who is facing charges of sexual assault.

    The District said its hands were tied as legislation forced it to provide the accused with access to education.

    However the students had the backing of women’s groups and others, who participated in a one-day protest at Stephenville High.

    Education Minister Kirby says he was surprised to discover, that under current regulations, employees who are survivors of sexual violence have more protection than students do. He’s shocked that they would do the same for children as they would for adults.

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