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  • Government Closely Watching Response to Offshore Oil Spill

    (SeaRose FPSO courtesy Husky Energy.)

    The provincial government is watching very closely the C-NLOPB’s response to an oil spill in the Newfoundland offshore.

    Some 250 thousand litres of oil spilled into the environment when the SeaRose FSPO attempted to resume production after what is being described as one of the worst storms in the offshore since the 1982 Ocean Ranger disaster.

    Questions are being raised as to why Husky decided to reconnect the flowline on Friday when sea states where still high.

    Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady says the spill appears to be what’s called a “batch spill” and if weather permits, a ROV will be sent down today to inspect the subsea portion of the FPSO.

    She says continued monitoring of wildlife in the area will also take place.

    The Minister told the House of Assembly today in Question Period that no sheen has been detected in the offshore, meaning she says, that it has either dissipated or evaporated.

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