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  • Gros Morne Hikers in Uproar Over Trail Changes

    Visitors to Gros Morne National Park are shocked and surprised by recent changes made to a popular trail.

    Visitors have been taking to social media to lament the conversion of the Western Brook Pond Trail to what amounts to a gravel road.

    Pictures of the area show a broad road where the trail once was.

    The aim, according to Parks Canada, is to create “new rest areas and viewing points for hikers.”

    The work will include forest and bog rehabilitation in areas affected by construction work.

    Author Michael Burzynski, who has been visiting the area since 1975, took to Facebook to express his displeasure over the changes. In his opinion, the Western Brook Pond Trail no longer exists.

    The change is part of a multi-year Parks Canada infrastructure project in the area.

    Parks Canada announced in November of last year that it would be revitalizing the infrastructure in the area to include reconstruction of the trail. That includes realignment, lowering of grades and hardening of trail surfaces as well as widening to allow for emergency vehicle access.

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