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  • Gulls, Not Eagles, the Target of Wildlife Management Efforts, says City

    The city of St. John’s is responding to information being shared through social media regarding gull management at the Robin Hood Bay waste disposal site.

    A post to the Newfoundland Birdwatching Group on Facebook blew up when it was suggested that birds gathering at the dump are shot daily – including gulls, eagles and crows.

    The city says an integrated wildlife management plan was implemented at the dump in 2013 to control the number of gulls in the area and their flight patterns.

    Public Works says eagles have never been included as a target in the strategy – the focus is gulls.

    The fear is that Robin Hood Bay is close to St. John’s International where large numbers of gulls can have a serious impact from an aviation industry safety perspective.

    Gulls, the city says, have been identified as a major hazard for aircraft because of their flocking behaviour.

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