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  • Harrison’s Reasoning ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’, But No Evidence to Convict, says Judge

    Kenneth Harrison has been found not guilty of child pornography charges after police seized a child sex doll ordered from Japan.

    Kenneth Harrison’s Lawyer Bob Buckingham says it’s been a long six years for his client, and says today Harrison is relieved.

    In handing down his decision this morning, Judge Mark Pike says he accepted expert witness testimony from the Crown that the sex doll in question depicts a child, and is child pornography.

    Harrison testified he ordered the doll to fill the void left by an infant son that died suddenly in the 80s.

    Judge Pike called that reasoning incredible and says it doesn’t make sense. Harrison testified however that the doll he ordered wasn’t the doll that arrived. Police did not assemble the doll, or conduct a search of Harrison’s computer.

    Judge Pike says in the absence of any convincing evidence that what arrived was in fact what Harrison ordered, the Crown failed to prove its case, and dismissed the charges.

    Lawyer Confronted Outside Court

    Things took an unusual turn outside the courtroom following the verdict.

    Linda Beaudoin is a self-proclaimed advocate for child protection and public safety. She lives in Ontario but traveled to the province to hear today’s verdict.

    Beaudoin says she has traveled to other parts of the country to sit in on similar matters, and be what she calls “a voice for children.” She cornered Lawyer Bob Buckingham outside the courtroom, asking if he was a pedophile supporter. Buckingham didn’t react lightly to the comments.

    He told her her comments, inferring he supported pedophiles, were an insult and he told her to “go away.”

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