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  • Harvesters Upset by Lack of Consultation in Snow Crab Management Plan, DFO Responds

    Dozens of concerned fishermen were at the Holiday Inn today as DFO held a public hearing on a new management plan for snow crab.

    The new plan, released last week, came out of the blue. Harvesters say there was no opportunity for consultation, and no indication that such a plan was even in the works.

    Some harvesters have problems with numerous aspects of the proposal, especially the lack of consultation. One harvester said combining St. Mary’s Bay and Bonavista Bay into one management zone doesn’t make sense—the distance is too great.

    Union members are aware that there is less fish to go around but change has to include consultation.

    DFO Responds to What it Calls Inaccuracies in Information About the Proposed Plan

    DFO is responding to what it calls “inaccuracies” in the information going around about the proposed precautionary approach for snow crab.

    DFO says that the meeting earlier today at the Holiday Inn was the first of several consultations to be held regarding the new plan. Three more consultations are set to take place across the province in the coming weeks, and even more consultations will be held in the new year.

    Once the initial consultations wrap up in a few weeks, a working group will be set up to further assess the new plans.

    DFO says the management plan for snow crab will not be finalized until the spring of next year when updated science is received and all consultations have been completed.

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