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  • Health Canada Looks for Food Guide Feedback After Big Changes

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    Health Canada is looking for feedback on proposed changes to the Canada Food Guide.

    A draft version of the guide shows some major changes including the elimination of milk and dairy from the four major food groups, and drinking more water over things like juice.

    Tara Antle is a nutritionist and owner of Healthy Balance. She says the new proposed Food Guide is not just about what to eat, but how to eat. She says she’s happy to see juice taken off, because it contains so much sugar and for years had been pushed as an important source of vitamin C.

    She says another important component is being mindful about food marketing practices.

    Antle was surprised by a recent survey that showed that asked Canadians where they got their health and food information. Canada’s Food Guide came in fourth after the internet, friends and television.

    That shows that most of the food information many people get is actually from marketing companies says Antle.

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