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  • Health Care Foundation Home Lottery Winners Check in to New Home

    There are some new residents in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s today.

    The winners of the Health Care Foundation’s Home Lottery $1.1-million home collected their new keys this morning.

    Taking home the top prize in the largest home lottery the Health Care Foundation has ever put off, and beating the odds against the most tickets sold in the home lottery’s history hasn’t quite sunk in yet for Robert and Ruby Murphy.

    They collected their winnings in the new home today. And they weren’t the only ones. John Marshall of St. John’s took home a whopping 50/50 prize of over $247,000 while Roy Naugler won either $70,000 cash or a 2018 Jaguar.

    He and his wife are still trying to decide on that one.

    As for the Murphy’s, their daughter’s family has flown in from Alberta for the celebration and inaugural first meal in the new home. Ruby says it’s going to be a feed of lobster.

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