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  • Health Officials Urge Caution After Increase in Confirmed Cases of Syphilis

    The province’s regional medical officer of health is encouraging people to practice safe sex after an increase in the number of confirmed cases syphilis over the last few years.

    52 cases were confirmed in the province in 2018. The province also saw its first case of congenital syphilis—that is a case affecting an unborn baby.

    33 of those cases were in the Eastern Health region.

    Regional Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald says syphilis is sexually transmitted and there are ways to prevent spreading it to partners.

    She says syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. She says condoms and other barrier methods of protection should be used.

    Syphilis is easily treated if caught early. If left untreated it can result in serious and sometimes permanent cognitive and physical damage.

    Officials are encouraging anyone who feels they may have been exposed to syphilis to visit a doctor for treatment.

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