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  • Hebron Platform Ready to Begin Voyage to the Field

    The colossal Hebron platform lies anchored in Trinity Bay today waiting for the right conditions to begin its voyage to the field.

    Workers are spread across the site cleaning up what’s left of the provincial mega-project, around $14 billion has been poured into the project since it began, rivaling the cost of Muskrat Falls.

    But unlike Muskrat Falls the Hebron platform is ready for business.

    Senior project manager for Hebron, Geoff Parker, says in a few days the platform could be making waves on its way to the field.

    He says once the tow vessels are connected to the Hebron platform they will wait for the ice to clear so they can begin towing it on its 350-kilometre voyage to the Hebron oil field.

    There are six tow boats attached to the platform today, another two will join them before the platform leaves Trinity Bay for the Hebron oil field.

    Parker says it’s a bittersweet moment to realize the project is coming to an end, but it makes him extremely proud.

    He says it’s a proud time for everyone involved knowing they completed a job safely and soon it will be doing what it was set out to do.

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