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  • Hermitage Mayor Stands Behind Aquaculture Industry

    NOAA via Creative Commons.

    The Mayor of Hermitage is standing behind the local aquaculture industry in the face of mounting pressure from salmon groups concerned about the industry’s impact to the environment.

    Steve Crewe, who also serves as the chair person for the joint mayors of Coast-of-Bays, says aquaculture is keeping the region alive.

    Last week a cage failed, allowing some 2,000 to 3,000 salmon to escape, according to Cooke Aquaculture.

    He says most people are working in the industry now and that without aquaculture, the region wouldn’t exist.

    Crewe says an escape could happen in other industries, and it’s time to move on and embrace aquaculture in the province.

    He says it’s the same as leaving the gate open on a cow farm. Human error will happen from time to time, and all the mayors of Coast-of-Bays are fully behind the industry.

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