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  • Hickey Writes to Pope in Light of Latest Round of Clergy Abuse Allegations

    The leader of an organization dedicated to helping survivors of clergy abuse in the province has written to the Vatican demanding action.

    Gemma Hickey is the founder of the Pathways Foundation. Following new allegations of abuse in Pennsylvania and Germany, and accusations the officials including Pope Francis were aware of them, Hickey, a survivor of clergy abuse, wrote a letter to Pope Francis.

    Hickey says the discussion around abuse within the Catholic Church has exploded worldwide, but Newfoundland was ground zero.

    They say because the church is under the guise of religion, they seem to get away with this abuse again and again with little change, whereas if it were any other institution no one would stand for it.

    The letter demands that Pope Francis respond to what Hickey calls a “global crisis”.

    Hickey says Catholics have already stood up and demanded accountability, and it’s time for the leadership to follow suit.

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