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  • ‘Hire for Talent’ Looks to Connect Employers to New Talent

    There’s a new website in Canada designed to help employers across the country, tap into a talent pool they may have missed previously.

    The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) launched the ‘Hire for Talent’ campaign from Keyin College in St John’s yesterday.

    The campaign involves connecting employers with workers with disabilities through a comprehensive online toolkit.
    The president and CEO of the council, Maureen Haan (Hawn), says everything an employer needs is available at HireForTalent.ca.

    Haan says employers are able to log in online in order to access the toolkit. There are videos on a wide range of topics aimed at educating an employer.

    The site teaches visitors to better understand building an inclusive work environment which will hopefully lead them to taking an inclusive approach to hiring. The event was held simultaneously, in six locations nationwide, via an online announcement.

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