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  • Hoarding: Know the Signs to Prevent a Dangerous Problem

    If you think you may have a hoarder in your house, a Professional Organizer says there are a few specific signs to look for.

    April Miller says she tells family members that when looking for signs of hoarding, they want to look at a person’s living space and see when they are no longer used for their intended purposes. For example, a person not sleeping in their own bed, can’t get a shower in the bathroom or even cook in the kitchen.

    Miller says paper and clothes are the most popular things for people to hoard, and there are a number of safety hazards to hoarding as well.

    She says there are a lot of tripping hazards, and a lot of paper, so fire is much more likely, and if fire does happen it would combust faster and at a hotter rate.

    Miller says there are big differences between hoarding and collecting. She says you really want to look at how much hoarding is disrupting their normal life. Like having employment affected or severe family conflict, financial disaster can happen.

    April Miller, along with Lindsay Paget, are hosting a one-hour presentation on hoarding at Memorial University this evening. The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. in room A-1045 in the Arts and Administration Building at MUN.

    The session is free and open to the public.

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