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  • House Recessed After Protesters Read Statement from Gallery

    Image from a #MakeMuskratRight rally at Confederation Building last year

    A group of protesters briefly shut down the House of Assembly today. They demanded that someone from the Liberal government or PC opposition take responsibility for Muskrat Falls, and shut the project down. VOCM’s David Maher reports.

    The group stood in the House of Assembly and began reading a statement to the Premier and Ministers, just as Premier Dwight Ball was answering a question.

    Speaker Tom Osborne had the public galleries cleared.

    The protesters want the Liberal government or PC opposition to take responsibility for what the protesters call an “economic, environmental, and humanitarian disaster” in Muskrat Falls.

    Premier Dwight Ball says his party did not sanction the project, but they are now taking responsibility for seeing it to completion. He says they’ve taken control of issues related to human health.

    He says human health is paramount in the decisions they’ve made so far. He says government has made significant progress, including the creation of the independent advisory committee that will work with stakeholders—including indigenous groups—on issues related to the project.

    Tory leader Paul Davis says that he still believes the project will be good for the province in the long run. He says it’s now up to the Liberals to strengthen oversight of the project and Nalcor, something he says they’re dragging their heels on.

    He says when the Liberals were in opposition, oversight, the oversight committee, and the EY report on Muskrat Falls. He says apparently the Liberals don’t think those things are needed now.

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