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  • Human Library Connects Locals with the Stories of Newcomers to NL

    Curiosity was encouraged at Rockey Backery in downtown St. John’s today, as the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council hosted a Human Library event for World Refugee Day.

    Community outreach coordinator with RIAC, Charlotte Gardener says this year’s event featured four newcomers to Newfoundland and Labrador from around the globe, acting as the ‘books’ for the Human Library.

    Attendees were invited to fill out a library card, requesting time with the newcomer they wished to speak with, and then wait their turn.

    Each participant had the chance to sit with a ‘human book’ for ten minutes and were free to ask questions about their experiencing coming to this province.

    Gardener says the organization has held the event in previous years with great success.

    Gardener says she hears all kinds of questions about how people are adjusting to Newfoundland and Labrador, and what sorts of things they miss about home. She says nosiness is completely encouraged at the Human Library.

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