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  • Hundreds Flock to Ferryland to See Massive Iceberg

    (Photo courtesy: Kim Hynes)

    The road leading to the Ferryland lighthouse is bumper to bumper today with people trying to get a picture of the massive iceberg just off the coast.

    Ferryland mayor, Adrian Kavanagh, says the numbers took him by surprise.

    “We weren’t really prepared for this onslaught of people,” he says. “Gives you a good idea that people are interested in that kind of stuff.”

    Pictures of the iceberg have been circulating social media for days.

    Kavanagh says it’s a perfect way to start the season.

    “Traffic seems to be flowing pretty good so it might be busy for a while,” Kavanagh says. “We just gotta find a way to keep that iceberg there.”

    (Photo courtesy: Kim Hynes)

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