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  • Husky Energy Apologizes for Spills, Moves to Update Weather Policies

    (SeaRose FPSO via Husky Energy.)

    Husky Energy says on November 16, there were two separate oil spills at the Sea Rose FPSO.

    The company says the spill happened when a flowline connector failed, spilling two separate releases into the ocean.

    Husky submitted its preliminary report into the spill to the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board on Friday.

    The incident happened while warm crude from the SeaRose was being circulated through the subsea network to warm up the flowlines prior to restarting production.

    Husky says their investigation has confirmed there were two fluid releases containing a mix of oil, water and gas. The initial estimate that 250 cubic meters—or 250,000 litres—was spilled remains unchanged. Husky says the initial release occurred during the 20 minutes offshore teams were troubleshooting a drop in flowline pressure. A second release happened during a retest, lasting about 15 minutes.

    Husky says a final report will include an engineering analysis of the flowline connection, once it has been brought to shore.

    Husky is apologizing for the incident. The company says it is taking steps to address areas for improvement, and is revising the company’s Adverse Weather Policy.

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