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  • Husky Energy Reports Oil Spill at White Rose Field

    (SeaRose FPSO via Husky)

    There has been an oil spill at the White Rose Field.

    Husky Energy released a statement just before 5:30 saying they are responding to an incident at the White Rose Field.

    Just after noon today, Husky Energy says the SeaRose experienced a loss of pressure in a subsea flowline as they were preparing to restart production after yesterdays wind storm.

    A quantity of oil has been lost to sea. Although the exact volumes have yet to be confirmed, current estimates are that 250 cubic meters has been released.

    The standby vessel Atlantic Hawk was dispatched to investigate and confirmed an oil sheen on the water.

    Tracker buoys have been dispatched from the Atlantic Hawk and the SeaRose, and Husky Energy says a PAL observation flight is underway.

    The company says sea states are currently preventing containment and recovery operations. However, as per Husky Energy’s oil spill response plan, all appropriate authorities have been notified. Onshore staff and contractors have been called in.

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