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  • Inappropriate Behavior Has No Place in the RNC: Chief Boland

    RNC Chief Joe Boland says inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour has no place in the RNC.

    Chief Boland was responding to the latest investigations to come to light involving members of the force.

    But Chief Boland says criminal conduct should not be assumed because SiRT has been called in. In at least two cases the officers involved have been assigned to non-operational administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigations.

    Meanwhile, concerns have been raised by the fact that Nova Scotia SiRT called in Halifax Regional Police to conduct the sexual assault allegations.

    SiRT is a civilian oversight committee that investigates serious incidents involving police, to prevent situations whereby police are investigating police.

    Justice Minister Andrew Parsons says the legislation does allow for outside police officers to investigate police. He points to the legislation currently being drafted by the provincial government.

    He says the civilian oversight comes from the civilian director. Retired or seconded police officers can be used to conduct the investigation, but the oversight comes from the director who cannot have been a police officer. Parsons says in the legislation their drafting, the oversight goes a step further and says team commanders of sub-units cannot be the same force as the force being investigated.

    Justice Minister Andrew Parsons admits, the allegations are a concern, but show the importance of the province having it’s own civilian oversight committee legislation.

    He says it’s getting harder and harder to call in outside sources and provincial legislation is needed.


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