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  • Injured Worker Calls for Mining Industry Safety Regulator

    The Voisey's Bay nickle site, discovered by Albert Chislett and Chris Verbiski.

    An injured worker is calling on the provincial government to introduce a safety regulator for the mining industry that would oversee work happening at companies like Vale.

    Barry Lyall of Conception Bay North says he suffered a career ending injury while working at Vale’s Voisey’s Bay Mine in February 2008, but he has been locked in a difficult battle with Workers Compensation for benefits ever since.

    He feels, as the mining operation looks to move operations underground, it’s a perfect opportunity for government to help ensure the safety of workers.

    He says a regulator could monitor any incidents and see that proper procedure is followed.

    Lyall says there should be a committee set who receives reports pertaining to all kinds of incidents, be it workplace health and safety or environmental infractions.

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