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  • Innu Nation Accuses Ottawa of Creating ‘Big Mess’ in Labrador

    (Left: Peter Penashue, VOCM file photo. Right: NunatuKavut Community Council President Todd Russell.)

    The Innu Nation is expressing outrage and accusing the federal government of “creating a huge mess in Labrador” following word that Ottawa has entered into exploratory land claims talks with the NunatuKavut Community Council.

    Grand Chief Gregory Rich and Innu Nation Land Claims Negotiator Peter Penashue took to the microphones today in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to express their anger over what they say is a settler organization seeking Indigenous land claims in an area that has belonged to the Innu for thousands of years.

    Penashue says the federal government has created uncertainty in the region.

    Penashue calls NunatuKavut a “new group” who are lobbying for benefits, and says Canada has created a huge mess in Labrador.

    Penashue didn’t mince his words when it came to NunatuKavut’s Indigenous claims. He says land claims have to be proven prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

    He questioned how a group can change from Metis to Inuit within the last two years.

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