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  • International Circus Festival Coming to St. John’s in September

    Melissa Ralph and Jennifer Arbuckle of Cirqueletics.

    Acrobats from the Wonderbolt Circus gave media and others a taste this morning of what to expect from an international circus festival coming to the capital city this September.

    The first of its kind for the city, Circus Fest will run from September 27th-30th attracting circus performers from around the world.

    Keely Whitelaw 

    The announcement was made today at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s. The opening night performance will take place at the LSPU Hall with events planned at the CLB Armoury and a family day scheduled for Atlantic Place. The Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra is also partnering with Wonderbolt, as part of NSO’s opening season concert on September 28. The concert will feature circus acts along with the NSO and Jens Lindemann, a trumpet soloist.

    Festival producer, Benni Malone, says not only will it provide entertainment, it will be also be an opportunity for local performers to learn from industry professionals.

    Susan Jarvis

    Malone, a local veteran circus performer, says the time is right and the culture is maturing.

    Malone says there is a juggling club in St. John’s; sometimes you’ll see unicycle riders around town and even people practicing slack wire in the park. He says the capital city has earned the opportunity to host a circus festival.

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