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  • Joint Funding Bolsters Future of Holyrood Marina

    The Holyrood Marina is on track to become a state of the art facility thanks to a funding announcement this morning.

    Three levels of government have partnered for the final phase of upgrade work at the Holyrood Marina Park. The federal government announced close to $273,000 contribution, the provincial government will add roughly $346,000 and the Town of Holyrood will kick in $250,000 over the next ten years.

    The money will go towards upgrading marine and land-based infrastructure at the park, the addition of more boat space, improved path linkages for walking and bigger berths. The project includes facilities for non-motorized ocean recreational activities like scuba diving and a better launching area for kayaks and paddle boaters.

    MP Ken Mcdonald says in ten years time, the Holyrood Marina will be one of the largest marinas in the province. He says the location means it is well situated to provide recreational boat space for marine enthusiasts from all over.

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