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  • Jordan Sentenced to Nine-Months for Assaulting Inmate and Guard

    Twenty-seven-year-old Justin Michael Jordan has been sentenced to nine-months in jail for assaulting an inmate and a correctional officer at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary.

    Justin Michael Jordan was on the docket today for trial on three files – assaulting an inmate, assaulting a prison guard, and for pulling the fire alarm.

    But he changed his mind and changed his pleas to guilty on two of the files – the crown withdrew the charge for the false fire alarm. The matter went directly to sentencing.

    The Crown presented video evidence of both assaults. The first happened in September against another inmate. It happened outside the holding cells, and shows Jordan grab a white kettle, and strike the man with it. Jordan punches the man multiple times while he’s on the ground.

    On January 8th of this year, Jordan admits he assaulted a correctional officer by biting him in the leg. The assault happened when guards brought Jordan his breakfast.

    The Crown submitted Jordan should serve 10-months consecutive on both files. When it came time for Jordan to make his submissions, he simply said, “I think six-months is good enough”.

    In sentencing Judge Colin Flynn agreed with the offender, and sentenced him to a total of 9-months on all charges.

    Jordan was sentenced last week to three-years in jail for stabbing Trent Butt in prison, the man awaiting trial in connection to the murder of his five-year-old daughter Quinn.

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