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  • Judge Slams HMP Conditions in Jennings Sentencing

    A Provincial Court Judge is coming down hard today on the conditions inside Her Majesty’s Penitentiary.

    Judge Jim Walsh made the comments in his decision this morning in the case of 33-year-old Justin Jennings.

    Jennings was arrested by police for breaching his court orders and has been in jail since December. According to the facts during trial, In that time, Jennings spent months in segregation, was taken off his medication, and suffered a complete mental breakdown.

    He admits to three attacks on other inmates during that time. He says the assaults got him out of the SHU, where he says he would have taken his own life.

    Jennings was sent to the Waterford for an assessment, but when he was returned to prison, he was sent back to the SHU, without medical advice. Jennings was denied programming.

    Judge Walsh says he fails to see how that was protecting Jennings or the other inmates. He says this case again highlights what he calls the complete inadequacy of HMP.

    The judge sentenced Jennings to time served. He will serve two-years probation, he cannot drive for two-years, and must pay victim fines.

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