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  • No Verdict Yet as Jury Sequesters for the Night in Trent Butt Murder Trial

    The jury is out for the night, in the murder trial of 40-year-old Trent Butt.

    After an afternoon of deliberations, the jury was sequestered for the night after no verdict was reached.

    Butt is facing first degree murder in the death of his daughter, five-year-old Quinn.

    Butt killed his daughter at his house in Carbonear in April of 2016, before setting fire to the home and attempting suicide. At question in the jury room is whether or not this was a planned and deliberate murder.

    Butt says he suffocated his daughter, but doesn’t remember it. He admits he had been contemplating suicide, but says Quinn was never part of the plan.

    The Crown says the Final Words letter written by Trent Butt before he attempted suicide is all the proof needed to say Butt planned what happened, and intended to kill the little girl.

    The jury will return tomorrow to continue their deliberations. VOCM’s Court Reporter Renell LeGrow will be there to continue jury watch.

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