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  • Kent Pulls Support for Federal Conservative Leitch

    Potential Tory Leadership Candidate Steve Kent has pulled his support of Federal Leadership Candidate Kelly Leitch over her stance on “Canadian Values.”

    During the 2015 federal election campaign, Leitch was one of the leads on the Barbaric Cultural Practices tip line that would have allowed Canadians to report on incidents such as the forced marriages of young girls.

    During her own campaign to become leader of the federal Conservatives, Leitch has campaigned on establishing a test for so-called Canadian Values for those coming to the country.

    Despite supporting Leitch at the PC AGM less than a month ago, Steve Kent says while he and Leitch remain good friends, he can’t support a candidate who is using divisive politics to get ahead.

    He says given what’s happened with the US Presidential Election, now is not the time to be dividing one another. He says Canadians need to be working on policies that will bring people together, not building walls and pulling people apart.

    Kent says he’s not going to throw his support behind any other federal leadership candidate after withdrawing his support for Leitch.

    In addition, he will not make any announcement about his intention to run for the provincial PC leadership until at least the end of the Fall sitting of the House of Assembly.

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