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  • Kijiji Ad Gives Ultimatum to Plywood Thief

    (Photo via Wikicommons)

    A Kijiji ad addressed to an alleged thief is drawing some attention.

    The man behind the posting makes it clear, this ad is for the person who made off with 30 sheets of half inch plywood from a home construction site in Flatrock this past Sunday afternoon.

    The ad reads that the culprit did not seem to notice that they had backed the licence plate of their blue Ford F-150 right in front of a hidden camera. Nor did the thief, wearing a grey jacket and Maple Leafs cap, seem to be bothered after staring directly into the lens of the camera.

    Add to that the fact that the thief’s female companion shouted out his name several times apparently trying to alert him to passing traffic.

    The poster says he just wants his 30 sheets of plywood back, and a letter of apology by this Friday afternoon, or he’s going to police will all the information he caught on camera.

    The ad has since been removed.

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