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  • Kirby, Joyce Take Indefinite Leave of Absence from House During Harassment Investigation

    Two former Ministers under investigation for harassment are being paid their MHA salaries while they take an indefinite leave of absence from the House of Assembly.

    Dale Kirby and Eddie Joyce were removed from their positions late last month after formal harassment complaints were brought to the Commissioner for Legislative Standards about their behaviour.

    Kirby and Joyce wrote House Speaker Perry Trimper, asking him to allow them to be absent from the House.

    Trimper says he decided that under the circumstances it was best to allow it. He says it was up to his discretion and after consultation with his staff he decided it best to grant them absence with no time limit attached.

    Both Kirby and Joyce are sitting as independents pending the outcome of the review, but neither has appeared in the House since being removed from the Liberal Party

    They will continue to receive their MHA salaries as the investigation continues.

    More Complaints Expected, says Commissioner

    Meanwhile the Commissioner for Legislative Standards says he’s expecting more complaints to be brought forward.

    Bruce Chaulk was in attendance during last night’s Management Commission meeting to answer questions from members on how he reviews and manages complaints made by MHA’s.

    When asked about the number of complaints he’s dealing with, Chaulk answered, but also mentioned that he expects more complaints to be made.

    He says he’s received two formal complaints but has also had discussions and meetings with other members, and he expects more complaints to be made.

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