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  • Labour Unions, First Responders Applaud Presumptive Coverage for Work-Related PTSD

    Labour unions and first responders are applauding amendments to the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act, providing presumptive coverage for work-related post-traumatic stress disorder for all workers, but not everyone is happy about it.

    The amendments received second reading in the House of Assembly today.

    NAPE is applauding the move calling it a “big win” for every workers suffering from workplace-related PTSD.

    RNC Chief Joe Boland says the amendments bring with it a level of respect for the work of first responders. He calls it a great day for police officers who have been struggling.

    Richard Alexander of the Employers’ Council is less impressed. He says today’s announcement assumes that every single PTSD event is caused by the workplace which he says is simply not the fact.

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