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  • Labrador Activist Believes Landslide a Natural Occurrence

    (Powerhouse, Spillway and North Dam at Muskrat Falls, courtesy Nalcor.)

    A lifelong activist from Mud Lake says she believes the landslide that occurred near the Muskrat Falls project site Friday was a natural occurrence.

    Nalcor says their team is closely monitoring the movement and erosion of part of a river bank just downstream of the spillway on the south side of the river.

    This is a temporary landing along the river bank and not part of permanent areas of infrastructure.

    Melissa Best has lived in Mud Lake for thirty years. She says she is no expert, but with a warmer than usual spring, it could have happened either way.

    She says she thinks with or without the project, with the clear spring they probably would have had a mudslide anyway. She doesn’t know if the project site made conditions worse.

    Nalcor is watching the area closely and will update the public if any risks arise.

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