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  • VIDEO Landlord Finds Needles, Blood, $15,000 in Damage After Evicting Tenants

    A St. John’s area landlord is frustrated with the runaround she’s received after extensive damage and a shocking amount of dangerous drug paraphernalia was left in her downtown property after recent tenants vacated the building.

    Nicole Ivey-Cross says the house was filled with garbage, blood, children’s toys and broken furniture, with holes beat into the gyproc and a large number of used needles and other drug paraphernalia littering the house.

    Ivey-Cross says to make matters worse, she’s been getting the runaround when it comes to safe removal of the needles.

    Dozens of needles were littered about the house. They called police to ask about safe disposal and were put on to the city, who then instructed them to call a pharmacy who could provide them with a bin for disposal. When she informed police about the fact that children were possibly exposed to those kinds of conditions, she was told to call Social Services.

    She tells VOCM News it took a long time to evict the problem tenants and she feels the Residential Tenancies Act is just not working to protect the rights of property owners.

    She says the Tenants Board sent them to police to have the tenants removed, while police told them it was a civil matter. She says they were finally able to get an emergency order, but not before $15,000 worth of damage was done to the upstairs and downstairs apartments.

    Ivey-Cross has since contacted the SWAP Safe Needle Exchange Program who will help dispose of the used needles safely.

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