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  • Landslide Develops Near North Spur, Land Protectors Urge Action

    Photo courtesy Janet Cooper, Facebook

    Members of the Labrador Land Protectors want action after a landslide north east of the cofferdam at Muskrat Falls, not far from the North Spur.

    Erosion and landslides on the banks of the Churchill River are fairly common, and critics of the hydro project argue that anchoring the dam on the North Spur is a recipe for disaster.

    Photo courtesy Janet Cooper, Facebook

    Mud Lake resident Craig Chaulk says the area affected is quite large, and he says the latest landslide proves their concerns about the stability of the North Spur are legitimate. They expect to see Nalcor lower water levels as a result.

    Chaulk says because of the type of quick clay in the area, there is a possibility that the landslides could expand, and they hope that Nalcor will bring the water levels down in case the North Spur fails.

    Meanwhile, Nalcor says significant work has been completed to reinforce the North Spur dam.

    In a statement released today, Nalcor says they are aware of a recent landslide that occured on the North side of the Lower Churchill River.

    Nalcor says given the slide is outside the North Spur dam stabilization area, there is no safety risk in relation to the North Spur or the Muskrat Falls facilities or operations.

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