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  • Lar’s Co-Owner, 91-year-old Winnie Crocker, Star of the Show at Newfoundland Embassy Opening

    The newly opened restaurant and pub, the Newfoundland Embassy, pays homage to its historic location with the revival of Lar Crocker’s custard cones.

    However, when 91-year-old Winnie Crocker showed up to serve cones yesterday, she brought a token of the past with her as a gift to the new owners.

    Well-known musician and co-owner of the Embassy, Chris Andrews, says he wanted to preserve the wooden building where Lar’s Fruit Mart was located and make it a place to showcase the province’s culture. The restaurant has a brightly-painted suite off the dining room, with a separate entrance. The area is dedicated to serving up the creamy treat that had become synonymous with the location.

    Excitement and nostalgia were at fever pitch yesterday as former co-owner of the Fruit Mart, 91-year-old Winnie Crocker, stopped by to serve up cones for the first time in 15 years.

    Crocker brought a keepsake with her, as a token of her appreciation, for reviving the cherished tradition. She says her late husband Lar took great pride in his apron, and she is pleased that it will find a comfortable home at the Embassy.

    Crocker says if Lar had a spot on it, he would likely swap it for a fresh one. She feels honoured that the new inhabitants of the building plan to hang it prominently in the restaurant.

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