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  • Last Day to Vote for New PC Leader

    Today is the deadline for ballots to vote for a new Newfoundland and Labrador Progressive Conservative Party leader.

    Tony Wakeham and Ches Crosbie have been campaigning across the province for the past several months for just that role.

    Shawn Skinner, a former cabinet minister in the Danny Williams government, is co-chair of the Leadership Selection Committee. He says there were around 11,000 ballots delivered to members of the party to cast their vote.

    He says he could not confirm how many ballots have been returned, but says there were a few people who did not receive them initially. Some, he says, input the wrong address when signing up.

    Some people, however, did take to social media to say they never received a ballot. But Skinner says the onus is on voter to have contacted the party office when it didn’t arrive on time. He says anyone who didn’t get it, there was a process to contact the campaign or leadership team, and they would get them a ballot, which they did.

    Skinner says results should be available publicly Saturday evening.

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