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  • Lawyer Requests Warrant for Witness to Testify in Trial for Fatal Crash

    The defence lawyer for Kyle Follett, a man accused of careless driving in a connection to a deadly 2016 car crash near Butter Pot Park, wants a warrant issued to have Felicia Pynn testify at his client’s trial.

    He says Pynn could be an eye witness to the accident.

    Felicia Pynn was in the pick-up truck involved in the crash that ended up in the median. The five car pile-up resulted in the death of 52-year-old Randy Ralph and 40-year-old Shannon Pittman.

    The court has heard that the single vehicle accident involving the pick-up began the chain of events that led to the fatalities. According to testimony heard in court, Pynn was in that truck with Lee Campbell. They allegedly had just left a cabin on Salmonier Line where they had stolen an ATV. There were multiple reports to police that truck was spotted at high rates of speed prior to leaving the highway.

    Defence Lawyer Bob Simmonds has asked Judge Colin Flynn to issue a warrant for Pynn to testify in court. She had been subpoenaed as a witness but didn’t show.

    Simmonds says Pynn played an integral role, and could be an eye witness. He says for her not to appear in court shows significant disregard for the system, and says it could have significant ramifications for his client.

    The judge will give his decision on Monday.

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