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  • Local Business Owner Resents Association with Liberal Patronage Appointments

    A woman whose name has been caught up in past discussions about Liberal Government patronage appointments says her name doesn’t belong in the talk.

    Lynn Sullivan, who ran for the Liberals in the last provincial election, is a chartered accountant who was appointed to the Newfoundland Liquor Commission during a tumultuous period after president Steve Winter, an appointment of the Tories, had been fired by the Liberals.

    Sullivan told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that she entered the public service the conventional way and went to NLC and Natural Resources to help out on an interim basis. She says she has never needed anyone to give her a job.

    She says the Liberals did a “piss poor” job of explaining the situation.

    Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie tied Sullivan to patronage during the Windsor Lake byelection, but she says he changed his mind after he was given all the facts. Sullivan runs her own business and is no longer in the civil service.

    Earlier Story

    The Liberal Government claims it makes patronage appointments less than any government in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Finance Minister Tom Osborne, who used to be a Tory cabinet minister, told the House yesterday that the PC’s not only practiced patronage, they perfected it. He referenced Nalcor’s Ed Martin, NLC’s Steve Winter, Housing’s Len Simms, and former Tory MP Ross Reid.

    The Liberals have had their own share of controversial appointments, including appointing former candidate Lynn Sullivan as the NLC’s Chief Financial Officer and Carla Foote as ED at The Rooms.

    Government passed a motion yesterday morning to move the election of the chair of regional service boards to the Independent Appointments Commission. The Opposition questioned that process, saying Cabinet still has final say and can choose the person they wish, regardless of the recommendation from the commission.

    Those comments infuriated Minister Osborne who, not in so many words, said his government is the model in terms of public appointments. “We have got the cleanest most independent process in this province that we have ever, ever seen,” said Osborne, “There’s nothing here, as the opposition members would suggest, a hidden agenda.”

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